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The Proxiguard® Guard Tour System is ideal for:

• MONITORING Tour Patrol tasks
• MESURING Intervention response times
• ENSURING site monitoring
• FOLLOWING the conduct of missions

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Because the management of security has become paramount in all companies, iMotion, leader in electronic security, offers a full range of Guard Tour Systems.

Proxiguard® is the first Guard Tour System to incorporate a contactless reader technology. The Super Durable Guard Tour Reader employs many revolutionary new technologies in creating the ultimate guard tour product. The reader adopts three-layered protection design - and there is no button in the casing, which further enhances the impact resistibility of the reader. The readers can resist multiple drops on hard sufaces like concrete without getting damaged what so ever. In addition, the reader is completedly sealed against liquids, so it can easily cope with diversified weather conditions.

The rubber-covered surface of the Proxiguard readers is non-conductive, and it is able to resist damage from electrical shocks of over 1 million volts even when applied directly to its exposed metalic section. This makes the reader safe to operate in high voltage environments such as near power generation equipment, and impossible to damage by using stun guns and other electrical power sources.

The Proxiguard Super Durable Guard Tour Readers works with the popular EM format signal cards, which are low in cost and have been widely used in systems including work-attendance checking, access control, fee collection, parking management, etc. The readers have been used in guard tour systems as well as other applications including time and attendance, vehicle management, animal identification, parts management, etc..