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Do Security Cameras Even Scare Away Intruders?

Security cameras can be found inside every business store and major intersection nowadays. A recent report conducted by IHS in 2014, concluded that there are 245 million security cameras installed around the world. As the technology is developing ever so quickly and the prices are decreasing, the number of cameras are only going to increase exponentially as the years go on.

With the increase number of security cameras, do they actually scare away intruders?

The answer is YES.

Then you must be asking yourself then, why do they still attempt breaking and entering?

There is primarily only 2 reasons for this:

  • They did not realize that there were security cameras, therefore they don’t realize that they were being watched.
  • They know they are being watched, but decide to continue with the risk. However, these intruders are usually caught and arrested quicker.

A report conducted by the UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice found that 60% of convicted burglars look out for security cameras before moving forward with their plan, while 40% would seek an easier target rather than take the risk.

To increase the importance of a proper and effective security camera system, your home is 300% less likely to get broken into compared to homes without a security systems.

Knowing all this, you must be thinking well a security camera system must be expensive…

On the contrary!

With the introduction of IP cameras recently, they connect with the same Ethernet cables used that plug into your everyday computer. Also, they no longer require power from an outlet, as they receive their power from the Ethernet cable, therefore this allows for you to place them almost anywhere you like, without wiring installation setting you back to much.

As for being able to view the cameras on the go, the software Milestone XProtect allows for you to control everything from the tip of fingers with your phone. It enables you to respond to incidents when they happen, know exactly where to send first responders, easily share videos, and much more.

Still not convinced?

If you still have doubts on whether security cameras can deter or reduce crime, leave a comment below with your concern as I will be glad to respond

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