Is Milestone XProtect Video Management System The Best Software for Security Cameras?

There are many Video Management System (VMS) available, and they all promise to offer the best service, yet once you download them, they either require an insane yearly fee, are outdated, or just to complicated to use.

So, what does one look for in a good video management system software?

For starters, it is a necessity to have a tool that can configure, control and manage video surveillance equipment independent of the manufacturer. Therefore, whether I have 2 Axis, 2 Hikvision and 3 Samsung cameras, it is imperative that the software of choice can handle them all.

For a software to handle multiple camera manufacturers, it requires testing and creating updates regularly. For this reasons, you are also getting a well maintained software that is updated routinely, secure and up to date with modern trends.

Nonetheless, while having a software that runs on your computer is important, it is essential that users can also be able to view their cameras on the go (ex. tablet, cell phone). Having the ability to view the security of your building in the palm of your hand at any moment of the day is indispensable and will have your mind at ease.

Milestone Systems variety of software does all this and more for and security system you have, big or small.

So why Milestone Systems?

What better way, than having your security system be controlled by the industry leading provider of open platform IP video management software.

Milestone offers the market’s widest portfolio of IP VMS solutions spanning from easy-to-use, small, single-server solutions to fully scalable advanced solutions for high-security surveillance and alarm centers.

Milestone VMS products have been optimized to meet the specific needs in the different market segments. They strive for all their products to be :

  • Quickly setup and deployed
  • Easy to use
  • Properly scalable (number of cameras and single server to fully distributed deployment),
  • Universale integration of third-party applications.

There are currently 5 XProtect VMS products to choose from:

  • XProtect Essential (most basic and free)
  • XProtect Express (business VMS solutions)
  • XProtect Professional (business VMS solutions)
  • XProtect Expert (advanced VMS solutions)
  • XProtect Corporate (advanced VMS solutions)

Having been in the security camera industry for years, and tested multiple VMS softwares from free open source ones, to enterprise level, Milestone has consistently been the most reliable one to me.

With the introduction of Milestone Mobile Client to their software lineup, it allows for on-the-go surveillance and permits viewing of  video anywhere, anytime. The application is supported on Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8.

Even though you are using a phone or tablet, you are not limited in options what so ever. With Milestone Mobile Client, users can view, playback and export video, control output and push live video from the device’s camera, allowing users to see what’s important regardless of their locations.

Additionally, the application is available in 27 different languages, allowing users to work with in their native language at ease.

Don’t know what Milestone software is for you?

Leave a comment below about the existing or potential security system you wish to configure, and I will be glad to help.

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