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Only the best secured sites will grow!

Since 1999, iMotion has established itself as one of Canada’s leading full-service security provider; when cannabis became legal in October 2018, it was only natural for our company to assist growers, distributors and retailers in their security needs. iMotion has set the standard for superior service and quality personnel, in accordance with Health Canada regulations, laws and best practices.

Due to the nature of grow sites, they are among the most targeted locations for crime. An entire crop and the loss of extremely valuable finished products can potentially be wiped by a single theft, not to mention the damage that can occur to other important mechanisms, such as irrigation and lighting systems.

Producing and/or storing Cannabis poses a risk to the companies growing it, and to employees in these sites as well. Hence, considering a robust and redundant design of security solutions is crucial to obtain in the early site stages, this is only achieved through partnering with a team of experts.

iMotion with a clear vision and mission can design a comprehensive security solution, that will ensure the protection of your cannabis sites. Our engineers have combined the best technologies of the largest and most serious manufacturers on the market. These technologies, once unified on an integration platform, become a winning recipe for an industry which is in full effervescence and in constant evolution. In addition, our systems are designed to adapt to your production and expansion.

What we offer you is an all-inclusive security service, from the design of your system to the transport of your goods in stores. With our dedicated Project Managers and a team of Engineers, iMotion is with you every step of the way to guide not only the growth of your business, but the growth of your harvest as well. Our partnership with Titan Security allows us to offer you the best transport solutions for your point-of-sale deliveries, armored cars and guards will be at your disposal for maximum security.

At iMotion we not only ensure to meet the minimum regulations set out by Health Canada, we exceed their requirements to give you total control and insight to your Cannabis Facility. This empowers your team to be proactive in detecting, verifying and diminishing security threats even before the perpetrator have entered your facility.

You are in an industry where the slightest mistake can cause the loss of your production license. A theft or a production stop can cost you several thousand dollars. We are fully aware of it and you should too. As a Quebec integrator, we have the authority to practice in all provinces of Canada, including Quebec, which has very specific measures. As a result, we can ensure the safety of your products and capital at a national level. Not just a reseller; not just an integrator; we are a partner, working in collaboration with you to automate, secure and manage your Cannabis Facility. In iMotion we are confident that: « Only the best secured sites will grow! »

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