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Pandemic hits: Is your business really protected?

Rising theft and shortage of security guards

Businesses of all sizes are at risk of theft and vandalism concerning their equipment and their environment, therefore numerous security measures are taken to minimize these threats.

With the Coronavirus Pandemic that is now upon us, these threats are about to get worse. As a precautionary measure, the Quebec Government has mandated all schools, institutions and some businesses to close for the next two weeks to limit the spread for the virus.

All businesses become potential targets if they are left unattended. According to Statistics Canada, hundreds of millions of dollars are reported lost and stolen every year. Acts of vandalism and other property damage are also on the rise during hours when facilities are not guarded.

The solution used by the corporate world to remedy this problem is a combination of guards and security technologies. Several guards would have to be hired to provide complete site monitoring, which can be very expensive. Another problem is that in the face of high demand, having security guards has become difficult, and in some cases, near impossible.

So how do you protect your business without a physical presence?

The solution, intelligent security.

iMotion is an integrator specialized in all security systems and together with theirs partners, they have set up a complete solution for companies to ensure 24/7 monitoring.

Connecting a system of cameras and detectors to a central station is an intelligent solution for all businesses and government organizations. By using existing technologies, central agents can monitor the facilities in real-time and perform virtual guard tours as well as observe the state of installations and processes, live. In case of incidents or intrusions, emergency services are immediately notified and the locations are secured. Furthermore, the cameras onsite can be programmed to trigger an alarm at the central system in case of movement, allowing for increased and intelligent surveillance.

iMotion also has various options to build on your existing system to enhance your system. For example: by placing speakers in specific locations, the central control unit can send messages to any intruder: « Please leave the premises, the police are on the way. « Burglars are warned that the building will be secured shortly.”

This intelligent surveillance is the key to reducing the risk of theft or vandalism. The central video surveillance centre has several officers present at all times to control the cameras and monitor the facilities. With their expertise, they provide the intelligent protection of many companies no matter the size. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your assets are protected during this time of crisis.

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