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Caméra 1 - PTZ intelligente

Auto-Tracking camera

Enter, stage left, auto tracking. With one simple feature you can cut down on the amount of cameras you have to install as well as the operators needed to manage your video surveillance system. Auto tracking is an intelligent video functionality that detects movement and follows it while recording the high resolution coverage. This is especially helpful in areas where the occasional presence of people or vehicles warrants special attention. The cost savings that this single feature brings with it is substantial. You will need fewer cameras to cover all the nooks and crannies in and around your business. At the same time, it also cuts down on the number of video surveillance operators needed giving you a monthly saving. Using auto tracking, your system can be set up to be far more targeted by delivering specific information. It can also be customised to be more pro-active, giving you instant alerts when pre-set parameters have been breached, providing your staff with early warnings and as a result, leads to proactive and vigilant monitoring It comes down to the old adage of doing more with less. By being intelligent about our video surveillance, we ensure that our systems become smarter, more accurate and more cost-effective.