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Nedap Retail RFID
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System

Nedap works around the globe to deliver industry-leading products, services and solutions for customers’ diverse needs in loss prevention, stock management and store monitoring. Nedap can make your stores more sustainable, a safer place and more profitable.

With their help, we can enable our clients to improve the performance of every store they operate. We can do this because we understand the challenges retailers face, and have developed the most advanced knowledge of retail technologies to overcome them.

Nedap systems are helping global retailers to eradicate lost sales, and giving them the real-time information they need. Everything we do is driven by our passion to help retailers to perform better. We are committed to increasing your revenue by helping you to:

  • Permanently reduce shrinking in your store
  • Optimize your stock levels
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Simplify your (multi-store) retail management

Loss Prevention

At Nedap, we have a unique, integral approach to loss prevention. Our systems for electronic article surveillance (EAS) reliably protect your products from being stolen, but we also look at the bigger picture by including your customers and staff. To effectively protect your products, our RFID EAS systems offer reliable detection, useful data and low maintenance costs.


Why RFID for EAS?

RFID tagging assigns a unique, store-related identity to each individual item. This prevents false alarms when tagged merchandise from other retailers enters your store. When you are ready for this next step, you can program hard tags to contain information such as garment name, size and color.

This tells you exactly which items are hot sellers. Information is collected real-time and available wherever you are. Whenever you are ready, you can use the same RFID labels for in-store stock management purposes on the sales floor and in the stock room.

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Loss Prevention with RFID Technology

Other than barcodes with generic information, RFID tags contain a unique serial number, which makes it possible to identify whether an individual product has been sold or not. Whenever an unsold item leaves the store, the RFID antenna at the store exit will give an alarm. We call these systems EAS !D, which consist of floor- or ceiling-mounted EAS antennas at the store exit and matching RFID tags or labels attached to the products that are simply deactivated or removed at the cash register. EAS !D gives you more features and adds new products to the portfolio, including a hybrid RF/RFID pedestal and a ceiling-mounted RFID antenna.

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Upgrade From RF to RFID

If you are planning to use RFID for inventory management in the future, investing in standard 8.2Mhz RF technology does not make much sense. In this case, it is smarter to invest in Nedap RF EAS systems, which are easily upgradable to RFID when you are ready. The future-proof RF to RFID upgrade path enables you to use RF today and be RFID-ready for tomorrow. After the upgrade, you can either use hybrid RF/RFID technology or only RFID technology for loss prevention purposes.

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Stock Management

Retail is a fast moving environment. In the store, secure and reliable stock management is vital to make the merchandise available to customers the moment they want to purchase. On the shelf and online, we have the systems to help retailers manage inventory so you never have to say ‘no’ to your customers. Using RFID, retailers remove the guesswork from the shop floor. Managers can rely on instant and detailed data to guide decision making and manage the store teams.

The more you know the more you sell. Nedap developed a full portfolio of RFID readers and services, called Store !D, specially designed for in-store RFID applications. We know the challenges and demands of retailers in terms of flexibility, scalability, robustness and a return on investment in a short period.

Visitor Management

How Does It Work?

The number of visitors to your store gives you valuable information about your conversion rate and helps you to accurately match staffing levels. Nedap counts visitors as they come in and provides reliable, real-time information to the store manager and (regional) headquarters. These visitor statistics enable you to accurately match staffing levels to peak shopping times, and to get insights into which staff teams are being most effective. By comparing different staff teams, and from store to store, you can raise the conversion rate across the operation and make sure that your customer service is optimized while your store is neither under- nor overstaffed.

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How Do You Turn A Visitor Into A Customer?

One way is to more accurately match staffing levels to peak shopping times, and to get insights into which staff teams are being most effective. By comparing the performance of different store teams, and the staff vs. visitor statistics, you can optimize the performance store by store and raise the conversion rate across the operation.

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Retail Analytics

Figuring out which stores need your attention can be a time-consuming and difficult task. To help retailers with this challenge, Nedap has developed Retail Analytics. With Retail Analytics, vital management information is available 24/7 on any web browser or mobile device. That makes it possible to remotely monitor your store locations, limit the risks and maximize the performance.

The information provided makes retail management as efficient and effective as possible. You can personally keep an eye on the details at any time and from any location. And whenever a security or performance threat occurs, you are informed right away.

Retail Analytics helps you to:

  • Permanently reduce losses
  • Optimize stock levels
  • Increase store performance

By giving you fast insight into the behavior of:

  • Staff members
  • Customers
  • Systems



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With the help of the iMotion Security specialists, their systems and expertise, we managed to reach our ultimate goal - to ensure the protection of our customers while reducing our operating costs.


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