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Multipurpose, Wireless
IP Security Cameras

The video surveillance market is booming, driven by increased public and private security concerns, as well as a technology shift. The transition to network video is a reality as customers take advantage of flexible, industry standard systems for security and video surveillance. This move to open systems empowers a much more productive and cost-effective means of surveillance than was ever possible.

The real benefits
of IP video surveillance

Superior Image Quality

Image quality is clearly one of the most important features of any camera, if not the most important. Superior image quality enables the user to more closely follow details and changes in images, making for better and faster decisions to more effectively safeguard people and property.

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Scalability and Flexibility

A network video system can be expanded by adding more network cameras. You can choose exactly what you need today, and scale the system at any time to meet your growing needs.

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Easy, Future-Proof Integration

There are almost no limitations as to where a network video product can be placed. Network video has the capacity to provide a high level of integration with other equipment and functions, making it a continually developing system.

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Remote Accessibility

With network video, users can access real-time video at any time from any authorized computer anywhere. Network video products provide an easy way to capture and distribute high quality video over any kind of IP network or the Internet.

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A More Secure System

Network video offers more ways to secure access to video than can be provided by an analog CCTV system. Passwords can be used to limit access, and video can be encrypted before being sent over the network to make sure it cannot be viewed or tampered with.

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The Way IP Works

With a network video solution, you can integrate your existing analog system into an IP-based solution. The solution enables you to take advantage of numerous functionalities such as remote pan/tilt/zoom, Power over Ethernet, audio, video motion detection, while meeting user requirements for image quality, recording capabilities, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Video encoders and rack solutions

Video encoders make it possible to move toward a network video system without having to discard existing analog equipment. They connect to analog cameras, digitize the images and send them over an IP network, allowing analog cameras to take advantage of many of the same benefits as provided by network cameras.

Network cameras

Connecting directly to the IP network, they capture and send live video directly over the IP network.

Video management and storage

A standard PC with video management software can be used to monitor and record the video.

Remote access

Any camera can be monitored remotely from anywhere on the LAN or the Internet.

Video decoder

If network video streams need to be monitored on existing analog equipment, an Axis video decoder can be used.

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