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Make your library modern
with Nedap Librix RFID Solutions

Manually checking-out, checking-in and shelving books is time-consuming and costly. Library staff lose valuable time which could be better spent helping their customers. Libraries in many countries currently face both time-management issues and financial pressure, and that at a time where 20% of the world’s population is illiterate: about 1.7 billion people can neither read nor write.

At Nedap we believe that libraries need to maintain their relevance in society. Nevertheless, libraries are currently experiencing upheaval, due to a generation of young internet users, social changes and budget cuts. With our Librix portfolio we help libraries in this quest by eliminating repetitive tasks, reducing costs and improving service levels.

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Five solutions for libraries

Thanks to RFID technology, libraries can now conduct remote, real-time book inventory. We help thousands of libraries across the world with 5 simple solutions:

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Item Identification - No book leaves the library unseen.

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Staff Solutions - Librarians will have more time for visitors.

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Patron Solutions - Borrowing and returning books has never been as easy and quick.

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Automated Materials Handling - Books get to the right place automatically.

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Intelligent Shelving - Invisible detection helps find, return and lend books.

Our solutions are modular and scalable. It doesn’t matter where you start, with Nedap Library Solutions every library is prepared for the future. A small library might only need its items to be secured or it might need support with the tedious and tiring tasks that do not seem to add direct value, such as lending and returning library items. A large library might need more support with reshelving books, sorting items or implementing a more efficient logistical system.

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What Does RFID Stand For?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. In a library one would enclose an RFID label in every book, which can then be read and written by our library solutions. The RFID label serves the same purpose as a barcode or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card or ATM card; it provides a unique identifier for that object. And, just as a barcode or magnetic strip needs to be scanned to get the information, the RFID label must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information. However, in contrast to barcodes and magnetic strips, RFID labels can be read over a distance and simultaneously. This brings enormous advantages to libraries.


Great reduction in false alarms - Thanks to highly accurate RFID antennas, no book leaves the library unseen.


Reduced queues - Checking books in and out becomes a breeze when you scan all books with just one touch.


Enhanced logistical processes - Automated Sorting Solutions remotely recognize and automatically sort books into the right bins.


Improved patron service levels - RFID makes self service easy and user-friendly; enable visitors to check their own books in and out.


Improved working conditions - RFID solutions relief librarians of monotonous, repetitive tasks so they can help their visitors again.

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A worldwide influence

Nedap is the only organisation to develop and produce a completely integrated RFID solutions dedicated to libraries. Nedap’s library solutions are used in thousands of libraries over the entire globe.

The institutions that use our portfolio range from public libraries to universities, high schools and special libraries. Our efficient and innovative solutions help you:

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve patron service levels
  • Increase turnaround
  • Self Service Station

    The patron solutions of Nedap are fast and easy to use. Place self service stations anywhere in a library and let patrons serve themselves through the highly intuitive user screens and easy-to-use workflows; our BiblioCheck software makes self service a breeze. The system processes books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Next to that, the platform provides possible remote service and support if required. Easily extend a station’s functionality by adding a MiFare reader, ticket printer, custom furniture or BiblioCheck modules.

    Check-in and check-out

    The self service station can function as a check-in, a check-out or combi station. This way you can facilitate the whole lend and return process with just one station.

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    Your own design

    If you or your architects have special needs regarding the design of your library self service stations, you can build the RFID technology into your custom designed furniture.

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    Patron cards

    Even if your library is using a barcode, magnetic, RFID or MiFare library member card, you can work with our RFID equipment. The Self Service Station is compatible with almost any of these types of library cards.

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    TAll the RFID self service stations are equipped with industrial, care-free computers of the highest standards. Additionally, all the equipment is tested on-site at Nedap in the Netherlands by our specialized production teams, to ensure that all the equipment you receive are fully functional and up to the highest standards.

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