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    HomeProductsNest Cam

    See your home.
    Away from home.

    In super clear 1080p HD colors
    The new Nest Cam is designed to watch out for your home and family – even when you can’t. With secure 1080p HD video streaming, advanced Night Vision, better activity alerts powered by Nest Aware, one app for all your Nest products, and an all-new magnetic stand, Nest Cam helps you keep an eye on what matters. From anywhere. You can set it up in 60 seconds. Just plug in the power cord and download the Nest app.

    $219 CAD

    PRO Reseller and PRO Installer of Nest products

    logo Nest
    Nest Camera

    Your home on your phone

    Use Nest Cam as a pet cam or baby monitor. Or just feel better knowing that everything’s OK when you’re away. Set it up in a minute and stream securely – you’ll get a 130° wide­-angle view and can zoom in for a closer look. Sign up for Nest Aware, and you can go back and see what you missed.

    Tells you if something’s up.

    You can’t always be watching your video feed. So the new Nest Cam looks for motion and sends an alert to your phone if it sees something. It’s also a good listener. Nest Cam ignores background noise, like the sound of traffic. But will alert you if it hears something that stands out, like a boom, crash or voice of an intruder.
    IP Surveillance

    It knows what to look for

    Light, shadows, and branches cause false alerts. All the time. That’s because most cameras can’t tell the difference between that and something important – like a person trying to break in. When you sign up for Nest Aware, ​advanced algorithms using depth sensing and face detection kick in to give you more accurate alerts.

    How does Nest Aware improve Nest Cam’s sound and motion detection?

    Having a Nest Aware subscription adds more powerful event detection algorithms to your Nest Cam so you get more relevant motion events and fewer false alerts. As we were developing Nest Cam, we asked for and received thousands of video clips from volunteer beta testers around the world. These clips were curated by the world's best motion detectors: real people. With this data, our team refined Nest Cam's motion and sound detection so now you'll get more of the alerts that you want and less of the ones that you don't. All these improvements require a lot of computing power, much more than Nest Cam can deliver by itself. So we have to use powerful cloud servers to deliver this state of the art detection. This is why Nest Aware is a subscription service. Using cloud servers also lets us more easily update and refine Nest Aware over time, while keeping your data private and secure.

    Set it up. Put it anywhere.

    Nest Cam takes only a minute to install. Literally. Just plug it in and set it up from your phone. The Nest Cam stand works in all kinds of homes, on all types of surfaces.

    Nest Cam Standing

    Nest Cam standing

    Set it down on something flat,
    like a table or shelf..

    Nest Cam magnet

    Nest Cam magnet

    Nest Cam has a built­-in magnet.
    So you can stick it to something metallic.

    Nest Cam Wall

    Nest Cam Wall

    Use the removable wall plate to attach Nest Cam to a wall.

    Nest Cam tripod

    Nest Cam tripod

    Screw Nest Cam directly onto
    standard mounts or tripods (not included).

    How does Nest Cam

    detect sound and motion?

    Nest Cam can look for changes in sound and motion so it knows when to send you an alert that something’s happening. Customers with a Nest Aware subscription will get advanced analysis for more accurate alerts.

    Nest Cam's Motion Alerts
    After installation, Nest Cam quickly determines what the room looks and sounds like when there's nothing happening. It will remember this "picture" of the empty room so it can tell what the door looks like when it's closed and there's no one walking around. If you've enabled motion alerts on your Nest Cam, when Nest Cam's algorithms detect a difference in how the scene normally looks, you'll get an alert on your phone. So when your kids get home from school or your spouse gets back from work, Nest Cam will let you know when they open the door and walk in.

    Nest Cam's advanced motion alerts for Nest Aware subscribers
    If you subscribe to Nest Aware with Video History, your Nest Cam will use advanced analysis to learn more about what's happening. For instance, Nest Aware can filter out car headlights or sunlight flashing through your windows to avoid giving you false activity alerts. To do this, Nest Cam takes a nightly three-dimensional snapshot of its view. This snapshot allows Nest Cam to identify things like walls and windows. All of this information filters out common causes of false alerts to help ensure you only get alerts that matter.

    Nest Cam's Audio Alerts
    If you've turned on sound alerts for your Nest Cam's microphone, Nest Cam will also notify you when its microphone picks up a sound that stands out from the normal background noise level. For instance, if there's a steady hum from your air conditioner, Nest Cam will learn to ignore it, but it can alert you when the doorbell rings.

    Put it anywhere

    With full 1080p HD video, a 130° wide-angle view and Night Vision, Nest Cam works in any room of the house, day or night.
    Most cameras are grainy, choppy and use a ton of Wi-Fi bandwidth. The new Nest Cam streams smoothly in full 1080p HD, without overloading your Internet connection.

    Nest Cam 1080

    Night vision

    Nest Cam’s eight infrared sensors help you see the whole room at night, unlike other cameras that give you a limited spotlight view.
    And because our sensors know the difference between a flashlight and sunlight, Night Vision won’t turn off every time a bright light passes in front of the camera.

    Nest Cam IR

    A Nest home.

    When you add more Nest products to your home, they can automatically work together. And you can control them all from one place: the Nest app.

    Nest Cam wall

    Nest Thermostat

    Cam + Thermostat

    When you set your Nest Thermostat to Away, Nest Cam can automatically turn on. Switch your thermostat to Home, and Nest Cam will turn off again.

    Nest Cam wall

    Nest Thermostat

    Cam + Smoke

    If your Nest Protect senses smoke, Nest Cam will automatically record a clip so you can go back and see what happened.