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On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) offers a comprehensive IP video surveillance control and management software solution, and continues to develop the most advanced IP-based intelligent video surveillance solutions in the market. OnSSI collaborates with leading developers of key technologies, video intelligence and content analytics modules worldwide. OnSSI’s commitment to an open-architecture, non-proprietary solution platform supports virtually any IP camera and/or encoder on the market, allows for the utilization of off the shelf hardware, and facilitates the integration of new technologies.

Utilizing corporate IT standards and infrastructure, OnSSI is committed to helping our clients address their strategic physical security requirements and related risk management challenges. Our clients are able to choose best-in-breed components as they evaluate and identify the appropriate physical security surveillance solution. In addition to the obvious security applications, OnSSI’s solution platforms enable the use of video as an information resource for the corporation. OnSSI’s IP solutions can be found in a wide range of municipalities, federal and local government agencies, as well as enterprise, industrial, and educational settings.

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The Platform for intelligent IP Video Management

The Ocularis platform was built to address the needs of the increasingly complex, multi-server installations we face everyday.

Ocularis is a modular software platform that consists of three main components, The Ocularis Base, the Ocularis Recorders and the Ocularis Add-On applications. The platform is designed to enable client organizations to tailor and implement the solution that most effectively addresses their physical security requirements. With the Ocularis Base, and the selected Recorder, you can very effectively address your NVR system requirements.

By enhancing your video surveillance solution with various optional, integrated Ocularis Add-On components,you can create the most advanced and robust video-centric PSIM solution in the industry.
OnSSI Product Description
Ocularis DS
Multi-server installation

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Ocularis was built to address the needs of the increasingly complex, multi-server installations we face everyday.

Ocularis is designed to work best in multi-site, multi-server environments and it offers a number of key tools that improve how security issues are handled. System administrator’s lives are made easier by configuring the Ocularis Intelligent Viewing Mode in advance so that all the work is done once and the system’s functions are uniform and planned.
Centralized Network Video Recorder

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Designed for scalable multi-server Ocularis deployments, NetEVS presents
a new level of system-wide management and operational efficiency.

NetEVS is a multi-site, multi-server, centrally-managed distributed network video recorder (NVR),
intended as a high-end recording solution for the OnSSI Ocularis ES Video-Centric PSIM (Physical
Security Information Management) platform. NetEVS supports an unlimited number of recording
servers, cameras and users, across the organizational network. These are monitored and investigated from anywhere on the network, via the Ocularis Client, in desktop and control-room video wall settings.
Up to 400 cameras or encoders

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NetDVMS is OnSSI’s market-leading multi-site, multi-server enterprise-scale network video recorder and camera management platform.

Now featuring the revolutionary Ocularis Client Lite,
it provides automated event detection and intelligent video delivery through integration with
physical security systems and advanced content analytics. NetDVMS is also available as a
recorder for the Ocularis video management platform.
Up to 64 cameras

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Medium-Scale NVR and Camera Management Software Platform
Including Ocularis Client Lite

Designed especially for single-site, mid-sized organizations, NetDVR offers powerful video
monitoring, event management and archiving capabilities, delivered in a scalable,
cost-effective package. NetDVR supports all leading manufacturers’ analog and IP cameras.
Each camera can be individually configured for resolution, frame rate, recording mode (continuous,
scheduled or on-event) and storage location, to optimize your computing and storage resources.
Up to 25 cameras

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Small and Medium Business Scale NVR and Camera Management Software Platform Including Ocularis Client Lite

Employing the same video management engine as OnSSI’s larger-scale NVRs,
ProSight-SMB delivers impressive features and tools found only in enterprise systems at a
very competitive price. It is the ideal IP video surveillance solution for small and medium
businesses that require remote monitoring of up to 25 cameras. Video from any camera,
live or recorded, can be accessed by any user, local or over the internet, for live
monitoring, investigation of events and export of evidence.
NetPDA &
Video Portability Solutions

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Full-featured mobile clients NetPDA and NetCell provide the ability to monitor and control live cameras and investigate incidents on the fly, from PDAs or cellphones.

With the NetPDA and NetCell handheld video clients for OnSSI’s Ocularis, your security guards can access and control every camera, as authorized, while walking the beat or driving around the facility. Law enforcement officers can monitor and control PTZ cameras from outside the building to correctly assess an emergency event taking place inside. Via the PDA or cellphone, users can control functions such as light switching and magnetic locks triggered by the camera’s contact closure
output port, and instantly view recorded images for a better understanding of the event.
Virtual Video Matrix Switch

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The Ultimate Video Surveillance Display Platform

NetSwitcher is OnSSI’s revolutionary IP-based video surveillance control platform. It can be utilized
in a command center video wall or desktop monitoring environment. It integrates intelligent
analytics, greatly enhances productivity, and enables sending any camera view to any local or
remote display within the network via a map-based, touchscreen interface.
Single Interface
CentralMonitoring System

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OpenSight is an add-on to the Ocularis platform that grants a central
monitoring system access to multiple video surveillance and security systems
within a single interface.

Imagine the advantages of having surveillance systems of different businesses, schools and other organizations in a city tied together in case of an emergency. At a glance, the city’s police department or central monitoring station could see what is happening where. Ocularis OpenSight opens selected cameras from one system to allow a central monitoring system to view them within a single interface. That central monitoring system can do this for countless systems, combining them all into a visual map of the area around them.
High-Performance Video Client

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Ocularis Client is the unified user interface used under the Ocularis platform, for all operator operations.

The Ocularis Client delivers a completely unique level of user experience and functionality across the entire Ocularis platform. Ocularis’ intuitive client interface intelligently reacts to the user’s actions at any given moment, elegantly presenting only the controls and tools indicated by the current mode of operation, enabling enhanced user navigation, and facilitating immediate investigation of events.


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Leverage the power of the Ocularis PSIM Platform with best-of-breed
integrated solutions

As a modular system, end-users can enhance the functional capabilities of their Ocularis solution by adding selected Ocularis Add-On components to the Ocularis Base. The Ocularis Add-Ons extend the solution from a comprehensive NVR management system to a robust video-centric PSIM system, delivering value to the entire enterprise.
Ocularis Analytics
video content analytics

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Fully Scalable, Configurable, Rules-Based

Due to increasingly larger systems, today’s video surveillance systems produce more content than ever before. In many cases, the manned monitoring model has become impractical or cost-prohibitive. Ocularis calls for an entirely new set of tools that enable extracting critical information from vast amounts of live and recorded content. Ocularis Analytics increase the effectiveness and responsiveness of your IP-video system with automated detection of targeted behaviors based on fully scalable, rules-based video content analytics.
Video Synopsis

Video Activity compression

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Video Activity Compression for Instant Identification of Key Events

Viewing and analysis of recorded video surveillance footage is a costly and lengthy task. Ocularis Video Synopsis allows operators to find and display any event, within minutes, through generation of a video synopsis - a short video clip summarizing the events original full length video by simultaneously displaying multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times.