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    Homeby solutionVisitor Management
    Homeby solutionVisitor Management

    Visitor management

    The web based software that manages visitors to your office,
    from invitation to checkout

    In the past two decades, the reception area has gone from being a kind of cosmetic afterthought to become a tangible expression of corporate identity, value and mission. Getting it right can make an enormous difference in your daily business and pave the way for future recognition and success.

    While most managers today are aware of the pivotal role played by the reception area, effectively addressing this important factor can be tricky. It’s easy to get lost in the process and to underestimate the many variables involved.

    Medium Plan starting at $100/month

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    The journey begins before your visitors arrive
    and continues long after they've left

    before the visit


    Send the best invitation

    Pre-register your visitor. They receive an automatic invitation that includes all visit details including map and directions to reach your building.

    On the day of the visit, they’ll get a friendly text message reminder.

    • Individual or bulk visitor imports
    • Branded and customized invitations
    • Smart notifications

    during the visit


    Make a great impression

    Visitors check in on an iPad or a PC and print their personalized badge. While they head to their meeting, the hosts are notified that the visitors are on their way. It’s as easy as that. In case of an emergency, you always know who’s in your building with access to your visitor list from your desktop or tablet.

    • Kiosk
    • Customized badges
    • Check-in/out notifications

    after the visit


    Build a lasting connection

    All your visitor’s details are stored in an address book. One look at your dashboard and you can retrieve current or past visit information. If you need, you can even download the report as an Excel file.

    Reports also include visitors' satisfaction.

    • Check-out reminders
    • Visitor history and reporting
    • Visitor documents saved

    Add a Kiosk app and amaze your visitors

    You simplify sign-in and provide a welcome designed for the future

    Nest Cam Standing

    Proxyclick Kiosk

    A kiosk that makes you shine

    Visitors check in, print their personalized badge and head to their meeting. It’s as simple as that. They’ll say wow, and you’ll have time for small talk.

    Nest Cam magnet


    Print badges on any printer, wirelessly

    Identify your visitors easily and provide them with the details they need. Print custom badges with your company's logo, your guests name and photo, visit date and time, meeting room and wifi codes.

    Run a smooth reception

    with a simple web-based software that your visitors, receptionists, hosts, IT and security will all love

    You manage your visitors efficiently, from invitation to checkout

    Self sign-in
    Visitors self register when they arrive in your lobby. It’s quick and simple. Say goodbye to your old-fashioned log book.

    Connect easily to any printer including over wifi and automatically print a badge. Customize it with your company logo and add any details you need.

    Multiple entrances
    You have more than one entrance to your building? Add more kiosks and your hosts are notified at which entrance to welcome their visitors.

    Already available in more 12 languages, the Kiosk application can welcome visitors from around the world. Need an additional language? Ask and we’ll add it..

    Visitor recognition
    Make your visitors feel truly welcome. Have them see their name on the Kiosk screen as they check in. They’re no longer just any visitor.

    ID scan & watchlist
    Expect more security features in 2015. Our Kiosk application keeps improving. Allowing visitors to scan their ID or to be matched against a watchlist are currently being analyzed.

    Nest Cam magnet

    Proxyclick badges

    You easily design and print badges, on any printer

    Design custom badges
    Design your badge in the format and character type you want; include your company's logo, your guest’s name and photo, the date and time of the visit, and any other information you need.

    Connect to any printer
    Visitor Management seamlessly integrates with all badge printers. No need to buy a new printer, it works with your hardware and prints from the receptionist PC or Kiosk.

    Preprint badges
    If you are expecting a rush at your reception or simply want to plan ahead, you can always prepare a visit in advance and print the visitor badge before your visitor’s arrival.

    Use any badge
    Visitor Management works equally well with classic paper badges, modern plastic ones or sophisticated ones such as ones that expire..

    Get the input you want from your visitors

    during the visit

    Obtain details

    Bend it to your needs, add custom fields (drop-down, Y/N, open-ended) to ask your visitors for specific information.

    during the visit

    Secure consent

    Add any legal text to your screen and have your visitors approve your terms as they check in.

    during the visit

    Collect feedback

    During checkout gather your visitors’ feedback with a simple survey. Measure so you can improve your visitor experience.

    before the visit


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