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    HomeProductsZip-it Bags

    Zip-It Security Bags
    Open up your displays

    iMotion Security provides security solutions for the top global retailers. Our objective is to increase the profitability of our customers by helping to increase their sales while decreasing the theft of their merchandise. Zip-it provides the most cost effective way to provide open product displays. While the patent pending locking system keeps your thefts at bay.

    Quick & Easy to fit
    Zip-it is extremely intuitive to use, it works exactly the same as a traditional zip.

    Easy to manage & maintain.
    Zip-it is so simple to integrate into your retail environment. Zip-it requires no additional equipment and creates fewer drawbacks created by the traditional safer/keepers.

    Zip-it Security Bags

    How It Works...

    Zip-it is extremely intuitive to use,
    it works exactly the same as a traditional zip.

    • No training required.
    • Quick and easy to fit.
    • Compatible with standard detachers.
    • Available with RF and AM technology.

    Great product experiences...

    Zip-it secures your merchandise without putting a barrier between the customer and your products.

    • Lightweight rugged material.
    • Crystal clear material provides the best view.
    • Smallest lock on the market for cleaner displays.

    Zip-it bags


    Zip-it is 90% smaller than its competitors when flat packed.
    Throughout the whole logistics process you save money.

    • Reduced shipping costs.
    • Reduced warehousing costs.
    • Shorter delivery times.

    Nest Cam Standing

    Nest Cam Standing

    Nest Cam Standing

    Easy to manage...

    Fit more products on the shelf maximising your retail space.
    Reduce costs with less re-stocking required.

    • Fit more products on a shelf.
    • Reduce costs with less re-stocking required.
    • Store more at the checkouts.
    • Slim design allows more to be stored at the checkouts.

    Shapes and sizes...

    Zip-it comes in a large range of sizes,
    offering the most flexible solution on the market.

    • Large range to fit almost any product.
    • Tight fit provides a cleaner display.
    • Custom sizes available.

    Zip-it Brochure

    Zip-it Bags sizes