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With safety and security at the core of our offering, iMotion has a broad portfolio of solutions to protect patients, staff, visitors and property. We offer secure, reliable protection suitable for any hospital environment – from the operating room to the parking garage.

Over the years, iMotion has built up expertise and a reputation as a specialist in security for hospitals and healthcare institutions. Digital security solutions have long played a key role in protecting people and property.

But today, beyond security, intelligent video, audio and access control solutions now allow more visionary healthcare institutions to apply new technologies in many unexpected situations.

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When it comes to providing patient care, there's a direct relationship between technology evolution and quality breakthroughs. Technology advancements in IT hardware and hospital equipment have a direct impact on soft technologies, which include service improvements, more efficient processes and a tight bond between patients and their family members.

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IP Cameras

Digital Images
A rich source of information

In the healthcare industry, images are used predominantly in two very different ways: either for medical diagnostic purposes, as in computed tomography and ultrasound equipment, or for physical security. Gradually, though, these possibilities are expanding. Nowadays, images are one of the most comprehensive application tools at the disposal of healthcare establishments. Video surveillance cameras, which used to be only part of the hospital CCTV system, are becoming communication and data capturing devices on the network. This can enhance patient satisfaction, patient care and, above all, enable automatic, efficient and safe processes. Seeing cameras as sensors opens up new possibilities, and each one of them responds to typical demands inside a hospital, clinic or nursing home.

Hospitals that have already embraced the versatility of network based video surveillance are leading the technology transition by combining cameras with access control and audio systems on their IT networks. In the future, hospitals will have video surveillance cameras that will capture data continuously to assess risks, generate automatic alerts, streamline processes, and analyze large volumes of data, with surgical precision.

Video Monitoring

Central Monitoring
for unparalleled supervision

As remote monitoring becomes more common, so too are central monitoring stations at medical facilities. These often oversee multiple sites and are geared to help responders reach accident sites and assist in giving them aid. Medical central monitoring stations typically connect and oversee a range of components including cameras, audio sensors, alarms, vehicle communication and Physical Security Information Management systems – with body-worn cameras growing in popularity.


Medical emergencies require strict procedures and swift execution. The right combination of systems and processes working together can locate those who need help and bring the right emergency response quickly. The kinds of cameras used in medicalrelated surveillance include cameras that send alerts if someone has fallen or has lain prone for a lengthy time. Audio sensors will also detect screams or gunshots. Drones can be sent ahead of responders to detect dangers such as in fire situations or locate people needing help.

Access Control - Audio Detection - Facial Recognition - Biometrics Access - Body-worn cameras - Detection / Tracking - Licence Plate Recognition - Incident Management - Identity Management - Evidence Management

Solutions de gestion vidéo

Tracking and Monitoring
For the fastest response

When accidents happen, a GPS and tracking systems can help first responders to quickly reach the scene. With remote monitoring, video analytics software will track the movement of the patients and note unusual activity such as falling or laying still for extended periods. Video summary software is invaluable in reviewing incidents and preventing them from happening again.


Alarms are a crucial facet of medical emergency response. Alarm systems range from smoke sensors and temperature monitors to audio sensors that react to gunshots or screams. In the case of remote monitoring, cameras can send alerts if someone has fallen or been laying prone for a long time.

Human Detection / Tracking - Motion Detection - Visitor Management - Intelligent Video Analysis - Thermal Sensors - Suivi des actifs - Fire & Smoke Detection - Intrusion Systems - Audio Detection
Access Solutions

Secure Site Access
and keep people safe

Keeping patients, staff, and visitors safe is at the heart of what you do. Our integrated security solutions provide complete site control from one central management platform, delivering a seamless experience for your community.

Ensure people can only access areas they are qualified to be in, and effectively manage compliance with your organizational policies and government regulations. Track and audit entry and exit into restricted areas such as medication rooms to ensure access is granted only to those with appropriate qualifications or those who are rostered to be in that area. Ensure secure and sterile entry to restricted areas on site using interlocked doors.

Ensure people on site are safe during a fire event with smoke doors that automatically close within specified fire cells using fire and fuse relays. Lock patient rooms automatically when not in use. Secure specific areas on site with optional first cardholder unlock until a nominated cardholder has accessed it first. Protect staff and assets with ‘no alone zones’.

Securing sensitive areas

Data & Asset

The proper integration with visitor and employee credentials allows you to carefully control access to restricted areas such as medication and medical storage areas, and protect high-risk facilities such as newborn intensive care units. Control access to restricted areas such as medicine cabinets, surgical theaters, and storage facilities. manage and supervise access to restricted areas with intelligent alarm monitoring and advanced site map functionality. Use zone counting to monitor the number of people in an area.


Our fully integrated Locker Management solution allows you to manage locker access, automate allocation, and ensure the best use of locker resources. Flexible allocation times and a dynamic locker viewer make it easy for staff to secure personal items. Enable staff to choose a locker convenient to their location on a day-to-day basis, using a single access credential for both building and locker access (Mobile Connect app or access card). Improve locker utilization by allocating users to available lockers in real time, avoiding lockers sitting idle. Manage building access and lockers through one system, improving efficiency.

Access Management Solutions

Manage Visitors and contractors

Control access using our Visitor Management interface to create an open yet secure environment that keeps visitors and contractors safe on site. Manage visitor and contractor access on and off site, including updating visitor details, capturing photos and printing visitor labels, and assigning escorts and access cards.

Ensure people are in the right place at the right time, and strict visiting hours are adhered to. Doors are automatically locked outside of visiting hours to ensure high-dependency patients receive the recovery time they need. Channel patients, visitors, and staff through specific access points and deter or protect them from areas they shouldn’t be in. Manage contractor and visitor time on site by monitoring the use of their access card, including their last door access. Visitor management integrations provide effective control of visiting hours and protocols.

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