Body-worn Security Cameras

The wearable IoT camera
that changes everything.

The IONODES PERCEPT body camera is more than just a wearable camera, it’s a complete IoT- connected multi-sensor device. Extensive remote networking capabilities allow you to interact with the camera through 4G LTE and/or Wi-Fi networks. On-board capabilities include world-leading 180° immersive video capture at up to 4K resolution, bi- directional audio, GNSS tracking, high-performance QualcommTM processing and a true open-platform API for ease of integration into any management software solution.


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PERCEPT Body Camera

A growing number of private and public organizations are looking towards wearable cameras as a means to improve safety, enhance security, optimize business processes and provide transparency. The inclusion of a remotely-accessible body camera in day-to-day activities can also help solve operational challenges by providing real-time feedback and situational awareness. Typical applications include private security, public safety, manufacturing, logistics and transportation services.

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Mobile Video Surveillance

A new perspective

Body-worn cameras represent a world of opportunities just waiting to be seized and developed to make a real difference for people and businesses. But how you choose to build your solution is critical for reaping all the benefits. The choice of Video management System determines how you can customize your solution and process collected data. This is where an Open VMS Platform, like Milestone XProtect, provides true and serious value.

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Designed as a ruggedized open platform device, the PERCEPT body camera boasts the durability, flexibility and performance needed to address the needs of a wide range of applications in a diverse set of markets.

Open Platform.
Onvif Compatible.

Onvif compatible means the PERCEPT body worn camera is ready to work for you and can be integrated into your existing workflows and processes.

The IONODES Percept body camera is designed to be integrated into practically any software solution, on premise or cloud through ONVIF, the global open standard for IP device integration. ONVIF Profiles G, S and T compatibility enables virtually limitless control over configuration, media streams, events, metadata and recorded content.

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ImmerVision™ Panamorph Lens

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Record critical video events in high resolution and never miss a detail through a Panamorph lens wit 180° field of view. Panamorph lens technology offers exceptionnal level of detail from the centre of the image to the edge, as opposed to traditional fisheye lenses.

Combined with market-leading Hi-Resolution video, H.265 / HEVC video compression and motion-based image stabilization the video quality is simply the best you can get from a mobile wearable device. A 9-axis motion sensor captures real-time orientation and acceleration of the camera, allowing for accurate image stabilization.

IONODES PERCEPT Body-worn Camera

Innovative solution for wide-ranging applications.

Designed as a ruggedized open platform device, the PERCEPT body camera boasts the durability, flexibility and performance needed to address the needs of a wide range of applications in a diverse set of markets. The use of Qualcomm™ technology, global leader in mobile processors headquartered in North America, ensures compliance to multiple worldwide government regulations restricting the use of foreign technology in specific markets and applications.

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Body-worn camera Solutions

Capturing evidence
and affecting behaviour

Reducing crime in all its forms – from the relatively minor, such as vandalism and antisocial behavior, to the more serious like theft and physical violence – is obviously a central objective for any city government or authority. Video surveillance in general plays a key role in both deterring crime and helping with investigations, and the increasing use of body worn cameras by law enforcement agencies enhances this further. Capturing evidence for post-incident investigation is a principal benefit, and not only evidence against the alleged criminal, but also evidence that the law enforcement officer or private security professional had behaved appropriately and within official guidelines and processes. This comes not only through footage mirroring that as seen through the wearer’s own eyes, but in ‘filling in’ blind spots not covered by traditional surveillance cameras.

The presence of a body worn camera can improve behaviour of both citizens and the wearer of the camera, which can not only reduce the number of incidents, but also the number of complaints against officers. Both are positive factors in the sense of city livability. In addition, footage from body worn cameras can be extremely useful in situational training and evaluation. Using real-world footage of the management of incidents – including both seeing and hearing how law enforcement or security personnel managed a particular situation – greatly enhances the brings to life the theoretical taught in the classroom. As a ‘softer’ psychological benefit, body worn cameras can increase the feeling of safety and security for the wearer, allowing them to undertake their job with confidence, and this is where the potential for additional body worn camera use cases becomes clearer.

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Body-worn Camera Technology

New Arenas
for Body-Worn Cameras

The benefits of body-worn cameras are in no way limited to law enforcement and private security.

There is a world of opportunities just waiting to be seized and developed to make a real difference for people and businesses, alike. Customer service, field service, health functions and research are just some of the business areas where the implementation and use of body-worn cameras can have a significant and positive impact and where we will see the technology’s ability to build bridges with accurate point-of-view and recordings of events.

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