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The number of school campus incidents is increasing, and campus safety has become a very serious topic in the past years. Ensuring safety for students and teachers is now of the most importance for campuses.

From theft to serious personal crimes to vandalism, we understand the need to effectively secure any campus. In order to achieve great academic progress and increase the popularity of their School, the security department must establish an effective security system, and a very efficient video surveillance system.

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Safer Learning Environment

Rapid Evacuation
and Lockdown

Keeping students, staff, and visitors safe is essential to create an effective learning environment. Gallagher’s industry leading integrated security solutions provide complete campus control from one central management platform, and deliver a seamless experience for your entire learning community.

Gallagher Command Centre helps you respond swiftly and accurately during emergency situations such as fire, natural disaster, terrorism or active shooter events. You can secure your campus quickly and simply with the push of a button to notify students and staff when an incident occurs. You can identify, locate and respond to potential risks on campus in real-time, enabling a swift and accurate response. You will also be able to notify people of changing threat levels using building intercom systems and Broadcast Notifications to mobile phones and email. Send instructions and updates to students and staff, with different messages based on where they are on campus.

Gallagher technology

Secure Campus Access

Ensure people only have access to areas they are qualified to be in, and effectively manage compliance with your organizational policies and government regulations. The access to specific areas can be based on enrollment or HR information, or individual competencies including inductions, licenses, training and qualifications. There is a seamless integration with existing third-party systems like CCTV, Salto and Aperio hardware. Optional first card unlock keeps specific areas on campus secure until a nominated cardholder has accessed it first, such as a teacher or other member of staff.

Student accommodation
Your duty of care is to keep students safe and supported in student accommodation buildings. With intelligent, integrated access control and visitor management solutions you can monitor student access to residential areas, including their last door access. You can also manage visitors in residential areas to enforce visiting hours and protocols. Track visitor arrival and departure, and generate notifications about visitors who are overdue leaving. Streamline access to accommodation and other resources using Gallagher’s Mobile Connect app or a single access card. You will be able to improve the enrolment process by pre-setting student credentials to allow immediate access, avoiding queues and delays.

Access Management Solutions

Manage Visitors and employees

Control access using the Gallagher Visitor Management interface to create an open yet secure environment that keeps visitors on campus safe. Manage visitor and contractor access on and off-site, including updating visitor details, capturing photos and printing visitor labels, assigning escorts and access cards.

Ensure people are in the right place at the right time, and visiting times are adhered to in student accommodation. Send manual or automated email/SMS notifications to hosts of visitor arrival or visitors who are overdue to leave and prevent unauthorized access through automatic revocation of cards after expiration.

Securing sensitive areas

Protect data and reduce cyber security risks

A cyber breach of your security system has the potential to unlock doors, compromise building systems, expose personal contact details and access data, and provide a way into other systems, which could have far reaching consequences. Gallagher’s continually evolving software technology and cyber security counter measures are designed with built-in security to mitigate the risk of cyber-attack and protect your data.

Reduce cyber security risks through Gallagher’s end-to-end encryption and user authentication. Identify potential vulnerabilities within your system using Gallagher’s Security Health Check, allowing you to proactively manage and respond to new and evolving security risks. Implement regular software and hardware updates across all devices to stay current with cyber threats and effectively manage obsolescence. Receive expert configuration advice to deploy the system in a secure environment, and a Gallagher hardening guide to further strengthen each component. Gallagher carries out internal and external penetration testing during development to identify vulnerabilities before updates or new solutions are released.

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