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Enterprise security for your
Check-in process

In the past two decades, the reception area has gone from being a kind of cosmetic afterthought to become a tangible expression of corporate identity, value and mission. Getting it right can make an enormous difference in your daily business and pave the way for future recognition and success.

For seamless and compliant access to your workplaces and production sites, Proxyclick can elevate visitor management well beyond the simple act of registration and incorporated notions of security, health and safety, brand promotion, customer communication and privacy.

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Impress Visitors

Ensure smooth and speedy

Say goodbye to long lines in the lobby because of the dreaded pen and paper. With Proxyclick, your visitors can snap their pictures and check themselves in on your digital kiosk in a matter of seconds.

A warm and memorable visitor experience is good for business.

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Proxyclick Badge Printing
Proxyclick Badge Printing

Hand out professional badges

Visitors check in on an iPad or a PC and print their personalized badge. While they head to their meeting, the hosts are notified that the visitors are on their way.

It's the little things that amount to big differences. So offer your visitors beautifully designed and custom badges. Include your logo, your Wi-Fi password, or other key elements in line with your brand identity.

Secure premises and people

Know exactly who
you're inviting to your office

Stay one step ahead of each visit.
Protect your people and intellectual property with extra layers of security right from the start. Pre-registering your visitors is just the first step in the screening process. On any given day, you have to expect a number of drop-ins. In the case of more advanced security protocol, it's possible to prevent unexpected visitors from checking in on the kiosk. This way you can require them to present themselves at the front desk.

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Proxyclick legal documents
Legal Document Management

Manage legal documents
before each visit

In this era of data privacy and confidentiality, Proxyclick's pre-check-in process stands guard for you. Go paperless and secure your visitor consent and signatures, ahead of time.

With the bulk of pre-screening out of the way, your visitors will enjoy your receptionists' human touch.

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Easily verify your visitor identities

Some days are busier than others. Double check that your visitors are who they say they are. Customize visitor badges using photos taken at the kiosk, and scan your visitor's government-issued ID against Proxyclick's facial recognition. Count on a powerful biometric algorithm for more precise identity verification. Your security and lobby staff will be quickly and discreetly notified of any alarming confidence scores. The decision to grant or deny access to your premises can be made according to your policy.

Detect unwanted visitors instantly
Don't take any chances when it comes to unexpected visitors. Check their names against watchlists and only welcome the right people in. Manage alerts and escalations discreetly so that business continues smoothly.

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Proxyclick QR Code
Proxyclick Integration

Access control integration
with visitor management

Combine your access control system with a smart visitor sign-in app for secure and efficient procedures. By integrating Proxyclick with your Access Control System, you'll have the best of all worlds. Your visitors will receive unique QR codes for smooth check-ins and access to designated areas of your premises. Protect your sensitive business collateral and elevate the visitor experience.

Seamless integration
Say goodbye to manually updating two platforms and let Proxyclick sync your visitor details with your access control system.

Enhanced visitor access
Wow your visitors with a QR code in their meeting invitation email that serves as their access pass, delivered straight to their inbox.

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Proxyclick Emergencies & Evacuations

Safely manage
Emergencies and Evacuations

Above all else, you'll need a way to communicate instructions and verify everyone's safety in case of emergencies.

Proxyclick helps you put a plan in place so you can text message all your checked-in visitors instantly. Use the mobile app and up-to-date emergency lists to perform evacuation headcounts. Never lose a second when every second counts.

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