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    Welcome to iMotion Security

    iMotion Security provides innovative solutions in the digital video security field. Empowered by the experience of its multidisciplinary team, iMotion Security has become the top provider for customers that want to feel at ease with the new digital security technology.

    Established in Montreal in 1999, iMotion offers a complete line of security products and services including a wide range of IP cameras, Video Management Solutions, Access control and Biometrics systems, Electronic Article surveillance, alarm systems, video/data fibre optic cable transmission systems - and much more. iMotion Security’s relentless commitment to impeccable service resulted in a substantial increase in shares of a highly competitive market. Focused on maintaining the highest level of proficiency, our advisors and technicians constantly attend different manufacturer presentations in order to offer our customers cutting edge digital security technology. Our expertise, our savvy advice in security matters and our ability to understand our customer’s needs mean that we can always offer the best possible results and the most value for your money.

    meet our Department Leaders

    Whatever your requirements, we have a team with the expertise to match them.

    Frederic Abenaim
    My name is

    Frederic Abenaim

    President and
    Chief Operating Officer

    Frederic started iMotion Security in 1999, and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of security and camera surveillance.

    Thanks to his unwavering determination to offer his customers unparalleled services and products from the latest technologies, he is the man behind the success of iMotion Security.

    Patrick Gagnon
    My name is


    Director of Marketing
    and Communications

    Working at iMotion since 2012 - He is the creator of the company's corporate image and responsible for all aspects of marketing, including web development.

    He has been president and owner of a creative marketing agency for over 20 years. He is a dynamic and very methodical worker.

    Kristen Marini
    My name is


    Loss Prevention
    Solutions Manager

    Respected and influential leader, renowned for her innovative vision, organizational skills and attention to detail. She provides turn key services and outstanding support to her customers.

    Skilled manager capable of ensuring effective management of large-scale projects and strategic partnerships.

    Justin Marchand
    My name is


    Account Manager

    His intelligence, intuitive understanding of business, sharp focus, and collaborative spirit makes him a great asset for the iMotion team.

    Justin displays an unrivaled level of professionalism and excellence, and a great work ethic, making him a skilled and efficient manager on all projects he tackles.

    Mathilde Barailler
    My name is


    Account Manager

    Mathilde is an efficient and very methodical employee with a great sense of organization and exemplary attention to detail.

    She is able to tackle several projects simultaneously with remarkable accuracy, making her an important asset for the iMotion team.

    David Zand
    My name is


    IT Project Manager

    With over 10 years experience in the Telecommunications industry and significant knowledge of digital video and hybrid fiber-coaxial cable networks.

    David is an excellent business acumen, with great abilities to quickly earn the trust and loyalty of teams, vendors, business associates and peers.

    Jerome Abenaim
    My name is

    Jerome Abenaim

    Sales Director

    Jérôme Abenaim has over 25 years of experience in the sales field, where he has earned a strong reputation as a director for honesty and integrity towards his clients.

    He is in charge of our team of sales representatives and also sees business development for iMotion Security across Canada and the United States.

    Henrique Gusmao
    My name is


    Project Manager
    IP Camera Specialist

    Wiring, Alarm system and IP surveillance technician.

    Employee for iMotion Security since 2016 - He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of commercial security.

    Henrique had his own security company, back in Brazil, prior to his arrival in Canada, at iMotion Security.

    Sebastien Marcotte
    My name is


    Project Manager
    IP Camera Specialist

    Outstanding employee, he is the leading Project Manager for all Surveillance video installations.

    With more than 20 years experience in the security field, he is also in charge of all technical follow-ups and inspections on the field and commissioning of residential and commercial surveillance systems.

    Sergio Miranda
    My name is


    Project Manager
    EAS System Specialist

    Rigorous and dedicated employee, he has been at iMotion Security since 2016

    Sergio has more than 15 years of experience in the security field.

    Specialist in anti-theft systems for retail stores, RFID Soltions for Libraries, Access control systems, home automation and IP surveillance.

    Michel Perron
    My name is


    Project Manager
    Access Control Specialist

    Project manager and Lead-Technician for all Access Control installations - Michel has more than 25 years of experience in the field of security, including Access control, Home Automation, Video Surveillance, Intercom Systems and telephony.

    He has a great sense of analysis of all electronic and computer systems.

    Richard Povitz
    My name is


    Special Projects

    Richard is a very rigorous and hard-working employee, always ready to face any challenges that arise.

    He has more than 14 years of experience in import and purchasing, he is also our specialist for everything related to import/export, transport and logistics.

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    iMotion Corporate Brochure

    Corporate Brochure

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    Why us?

    We take responsibility for upholding customer confidence very seriously. By combining our different areas of expertise to generate reliable results, we make sure we offer our customers the most adaptable, dependable and innovative technology currently available. We fully understand that the shift to network video creates new opportunities where digital technology can be put to use to deliver maximum value.

    Global Solutions and easy implementation

    Able to combine all technologies using Internet protocols, iMotion guides its clients in the implementation of solutions; From analysis to consulting to full deployment of the solution. Whether a IP video surveillance, an access control system, radio frequency identification (RFID) or all of these technologies combined on a single converged IP network; iMotion is the total integration systems’ specialist.

    IP Video surveillance Experts

    iMotion security offers the market’s broadest and most consistent range of high-quality network cameras. Based on open IP standards, all of our network cameras connect to any kind of IP network, including the Internet, and enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. They also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection, people counting and tampering alarm.

    Multisite management IP solutions

    iMotion security offers the industry's leading open platform IP VMS. It acts as the core of your surveillance system, connecting all the hardware of your choice for an optimal, integrated solution. The software is offered in tiers as packaged solutions scaled to different business needs. XProtect uses a distributed server architecture that lets you place recording servers in the networks where the cameras are actually connected. This optimizes bandwidth usage. There are no limits to how many slave recording servers can be connected to an installation.

    Intelligent management of your access

    These days, access management systems must do more than just lock doors. Your business needs a system that gives you the necessary control and information to help you work more efficiently. To prevent unauthorized access throughout your facilities, iMotion Security offers you electronic access management systems using smart and beneficial tools, no matter what kind of business you operate.

    Unsurpassed Customer Service

    Our customers rely on an outstanding level of service and support to meet their needs. This is why iMotion Security surrounds itself with the finest people, conscious of the importance of this service and support. To better serve our customers, these same people profit from an ongoing training process that makes them exceptionally proficient. It is our mission to serve you responsibly and professionally. Our staff is equipped to do just this, and we actively solicit your opinions on our performance as well as noting your suggestions so that we can continue to improve the quality of our service. Our technical support team is easily reached by phone or email. You can also contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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