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Imagine all your building and security products on a single cloud-managed platform, accessible from anywhere on any device. Command Integrates insights across the entire suite of Verkada products.

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Welcome to Verkada

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Verkada Products

Verkada Command

Not Just Another
Video Management

Connect all of your Verkada physical security devices in a single, cloud-based platform. With point-and click simplicity, it’s everything you need to protect at scale.

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Quickly Detect
and Respond to Threats

Aggregate data across devices within a centralized platform. Command provides users a complete picture of activity across sites to easily detect threats and expedite response times.

Manage Sites
at Scale

Eliminate complexity with Command’s intuitive user interface and intelligent automation. Add devices in minutes, while leveraging granular roles and permissions to manage users at scale.

Verkada - Manage from anywhere

Manage from

Access all your Verkada devices and manage physical security on-the-go from our intuitive Command app. No port-forwarding or VPNs required.

from the
Ground Up

Protect data at every stage of its journey. From SSO, granular user permissions, to tools like encryption key management, keep data secure and protect your organization at every layer.

Verkada - Secure from the ground up
Verkada - Video Security

Video Security

Without the Complexity

Verkada replaces obsolete equipment with technology that’s smart, secure and easy to manage.

Simple Setup
Install Verkada cameras easily and in minutes with just a PoE connection. No need for added software or complex port forwarding.

Built-In Storage
Store up to 365 days of standard quality footage directly on the camera. No need for NVRs, DVRs, or servers.

Automatic Updates
Stay ahead of emerging security threats and keep up-to-date with the latest features. Leave ongoing maintenance in the past.


Included with the Purchase
of a Verkada Camera


Simplify investigations with intelligent people and face detection.

Easily find people by selecting a detected face or uploading an image, filter by attributes like clothing color, gender, and facial matches, get notified via SMS or email when a matching face is detected


Quickly search and filter to find vehicles of interest

View high-resolution snapshots of detected vehicles, generate and export multi-angle playback for efficient evidence gathering, filter by attributes like vehicle color and body type


Find evidence faster and more efficiently

Select a region of interest within the camera's field of view, instantly replay videos and view detected person trajectories, toggle between individuals and their corresponding paths.


Estimate foot traffic at critical locations

See how many people cross customizable digital lines on camera feeds,optimize business operations by monitoring space usage, adjust staffing, hours of operation, or manage customer flow based on insights

License Plate

Monitor license plates in real time and streamline vehicle investigations

See live plate detection across your organization on the LPR page in Command, capture plate characters at high speeds and across multiple lanes, get alerts when a specific plate is detected at any of your locations.


Watch timelapses of activity in frame with scrubbing

Monitor activity progress with threaded thumbnail playback, view 24 hours of footage in under 30 seconds, easily locate motion with bounding boxes in timelapse footage

Explore Camera Models

Find the right Verkada cameras for your needs.

Verkada Dome Series

Dome Series

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Verkada Bullet Series

Bullet Series

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Verkada Mini Series

Mini Series

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Verkada Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye Camera

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Verkada Multisensor Cameras

Multisensor Camera

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Verkada PTZ Series

PTZ Camera

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Access Control

Verkada Access Control offers easy-to-deploy, cloud-based solutions for every building, door and user. Secure credentials, a modern bluetooth application, and role based access control for seamless user credentials.

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Verkada Access Control Overview

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Verkada - Versatile Access methods

access methods

Secure credentials, a modern bluetooth application, and role based access control for seamless user credentials.

Meet your new digital keycard

Enable your employees and staff to use their mobile phone to unlock doors with just a tap, eliminating the need for physical keycards.

Verkada - Digital Keycard
Verkada - Active Shhoter Lockdown

Lockdown doors in one tap

With Verkada’s cloud-based Lockdown, administrators are able to ensure safety of students, faculty and employees with just a tap.

Native Video Integration

Gain visual evidence for live and historical door-based events to improve incident response.

Verkada - Native Video Integration
Verkada - Active Directory

Active Directory Management

Deprovision access in real time for secure, up-to-date credential management.

Schedules & Groups

Ensure doors are locked at the right times and are secured from unauthorized users.

Verkada - Schedules & Groups

Filter on
Access Control Events

Quickly find and respond to tailgating and access events in real time from a single dashboard.

Proactive Alerts

Set custom rules to receive SMS and email notifications to detect events as they happen.

Verkada - Proactive Alerts

Intercom Calling, Enhanced Security

Answer calls, grant entry and secure entrances from anywhere with Verkada’s cloud-managed video intercom.

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Verkada Intercom Overview

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Verkada Video Intercom

Verkada Intercom

Why Verkada Intercom

Enhance security and answer calls from anywhere with sharp intercom video and clear audio, four smart receiver methods, and intuitive management and security tools in Verkada Command.

Take Calls From Anywhere

Verkada Intercom adapts to every organization’s workflows and requirements
with flexible receiver options and smart call routing.
Verkada - Versatile Flexible Receivers

Flexible Receivers

Users can take calls on-the-go from the Verkada Pass mobile app, at a desk with the new Desk Station, directly through a web browser via Verkada Command or through any existing phone number - mobile or landline.

Desk Station

An iPad-based application that features an intuitive interface, a full-screen call experience, seamless pairing of up to two Verkada context cameras per intercom and a simple Here / Away toggle to skip the receiver when unavailable.

Verkada iPad Desk Station
Verkada Pass App

Verkada Pass App

Answer intercom calls from anywhere with full-frame video, crystal clear audio and door controls at the touch of a button.

Verkada Command

Take calls and unlock doors directly through any web browser with Verkada Command.

Verkada Command
Verkada SIP phone

Phone Systems

Leverage existing telephony infrastructure and workflows by sending PSTN and SIP calls to any phone numbers or IP phone.

Indoor Air Quality
with Verkada

Get peace of mind with connected, comprehensive air quality monitoring.

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Air Quality Sensors Overview

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Verkada Air Quality Sensors

Verkada Air Quality

Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor air quality has a direct impact on health. Verkada Protects Your Environment Against the following :

A Unified Approach to Air Quality Monitoring

Manage devices, environments, displays and alerts and more across devices with Verkada’s integrated, single-pane-of-glass platform.

Verkada - Air Quality Monitoring

A Leading App
to Manage Air Quality

Verkada’s leading mobile application allows you to set up devices, configure and view alerts, and more - at the tap of a finger.

Unlock Powerful Capabilities with Command Mobile
Intuitively Designed, Verkada’s top-rated security app gives teams the power to manage physical security on-the-go from any mobile device.

With Verkada’s mobile app, cloud-based footage is just a swipe away

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Meet Verkada Guest

Welcome guests with our visitor management system that integrates seamlessly with video security and access control.

Strengthen Security while Simplifying Visitor Management
Incorporate visitor management into your physical security measures - all within a single pane of glass.

Make Guests Feel Welcome While Strengthening Security

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Verkada Guest Overview

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Verkada Guest

Key Features

All the features you need to welcome visitors and maintain visibility and control of your building’s security.

Strengthen Security while
Simplifying Visitor Management

Incorporate visitor management into your physical security measures - all within a single pane of glass.
Verkada Guest

Make Guests
feel welcome

Sign-in via an email invite, ipad kiosk or QR code. Guests simply follow the flow to check in, and hosts are instantly notified to greet them.

Customize to suit your needs

Your needs are unique. From branding to custom sign-in flows and document types, admins can customize the experience in minutes.

Verkada Guest Security
Verkada Guest Invite

Centrally managed

Built upon the Verkada security platform and integrated across the product stack, admins can manage guest logs, review video footage and remotely unlock doors - all from the Command platform.

Verkada Mailroom

Streamline mailroom deliveries with a simple app to scan packages, notify recipients and manage deliveries.

Take the work out of mailroom management

Reduce manual processes of logging and managing shipments. With Verkada Mailroom, easily keep track of inventory, supplies and deliveries at all times. Simply scan the label on any parcel and Mailroom will instantly notify the recipient - no hardware required.

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Verkada Mailroom Overview

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Verkada Mailroom

Key Features

All the features you need to welcome visitors and maintain visibility and control of your building’s security.

Verkada Mailroom Operations

Streamline Mailroom operations

In just one click, Mailroom scans the label, matches the name to an employee in your directory, and sends a notification. Office managers can access the dashboard for more detailed reporting, such as tracking numbers, carrier names and more.

Ensure recipients never miss a package

Keep employees happy with simple package pickup. Automated notifications and reminders across Slack, SMS and email ensure they never forget their packages, while photos and printed labels make finding their delivery easier than ever.

Verkada Mailroom
Verkada Mailroom Secure

Make your mailroom
more secure

With Verkada’s camera integration, office managers can see a live view of all mailroom activity and a historical snapshot of when the package got scanned. Simply double-click to view historical footage and easily investigate lost packages.

Detect and Respond
to threats as they happen

A modern alarm system with built-in professional monitoring to keep your people and property safe around the clock.

Verkada Alarms

An Alarm System
that actually works

Verkada Alarms lets you use any Verkada device to detect intruders on your property before they can do damage. Built-in professional monitoring helps screen out false alarms, and agents can take immediate action, from calling the police to talking down to the intruder.

Verkada Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

Wireless or wired intrusion sensors can provide additional protection against intruders. Monitoring agents can video-verify any event the sensors detect, and employees can manage the alarm system on-site or remotely.

Verkada Panic Button

Professional Monitoring
for 24/7
Peace of Mind

Professional monitoring is included with Verkada Alarms, giving you a team of trained agents to detect, verify, and respond to threats on your behalf. This creates a complete alarm system with no additional hardware, and can help reduce the number of in-person guards you need.

Verkada Panic Button
Verkada Alarm Monitoring
Verkada Intrusion Deterrence

Intrusion Deterrence

Verkada can help you scare off intruders before they do damage. Talk down to intruders through a powerful horn speaker, or let monitoring agents do it for you. You can also turn on sirens or strobe lights if an alarm is raised.

Verkada Panic Button

Panic Buttons

Give employees a way to call for help in an emergency. Choose what happens when a panic button is pressed, from notifying the police to triggering a lockdown. You can also instantly share nearby camera feeds with first responders so they can see exactly what’s going on.

Verkada Panic Button
Verkada Panic Button
How Verkada Alarms Works

Verkada Alarms helps to detect unusual activity, verify the threat, and respond immediately - even when you’re not available.
Verkada Alarm Keypad

Alarm Keypad

The multi-functional Alarm Keypad lets you arm/disarm with a key code and see the status of every alarm device in the building. Live camera feeds help employees see what’s going on around the property for added security. And if you use wireless intrusion sensors, you can connect them right from the Keypad, no extra hardware needed.

Verkada Keypad icons

Alarm Console

The Alarm Console lets employees see and manage what is happening in their building, while increasing security. Users can arm/disarm the site via key code, detect suspicious activity with connected wireless intrusion sensors, and deter intruders with a powerful siren and talk-down speaker.

Verkada Console Icons
Verkada Alarm Console
Verkada Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensors

Verkada’s wireless intrusion sensors include a full suite of devices to detect alarm events, including door, motion, panic button, glass break, and water leak sensors. Sensors communicate with the Alarm Console, Keypad or a PoE-powered Hub over a proprietary wireless protocol optimized for range, battery life, and network security.

Verkada Sensors Icons

Alarm Panels

For organizations that wish to continue using existing wired sensors, Verkada’s Alarm Panel provides plug-and-play simplicity. The Alarm Panel lets you input events from third-party wired sensors into Command, as well as remotely control emergency signaling outputs, such as sirens or strobe lights.

Verkada Panels Icons
Verkada Alarm Panel
Verkada Intrusion Deterrence

Cellular Module

Ensure that facilities are always protected with a backup LTE internet connection. The Cellular Module connects to the Alarm Keypad, Alarm Console, Wireless Hub, and Alarm Panel via USB.

Verkada Cellular Icons

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