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The mining industry’s complex operating environments are driven by the need to maximise productivity at the lowest possible cost. Operational continuity and risk management along with management of heath and safety, visitors and contractors, and general security factor heavily in day to day operations.

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Gallagher Mining Solutions

Efficient Management

Induction, training and other staff entry requirements must remain current. Handling explosives, operating machinery and working below ground pose significant logistical and safety challenges which demand rigorous planning and efficient management as well as ongoing process and system improvements. Based on these requirements, Mining is a key strategic market focus for Gallagher because of their proven success and strong alignment between the specific needs of this sector and their solutions.

“More than 150 mining customers around the world rely on Gallagher security systems, with actual site installations exceeding 300”

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Workforce Management

Through its own platform for integration and integrated third party systems Gallagher delivers the premier people & site management solution for the mining industry encompassing:

• Integration Platform
• Physical Access Control System (PACS)
• Alarms User Interface
• Cardholder Management User Interface
• Mobile information for cardholder and alarms management
• Visitor Management
• Inductions
• Training Management & Scheduling
• Workflow to automate compliant provisioning processes
• Expiries – automate management of pending expiries across all cardholders
• Exposure & Fatigue Management
• Testing (drug & alcohol)
• Evacuation & Tag Boards
• Asset Management
• Vehicle Management
• Perimeter security with Gallagher integrated electric fence and sensor technologies
• Camp Accommodation Management
• Reporting
• Professional Services
• Software Maintenance Agreement

Gallagher Personnel Management

24/7 Personnel Flow
& Workforce Management

Leveraging physical security hardware, Gallagher’s mining solution gives you complete control of who can access specific areas, at specific times of day and night:

WHO? Miners, Cleaners, Caterers, Contractors, Visitors, Consultants, Management, HR, IT
WHAT? Individuals’ competencies (induction, training, licenses)
WHERE? Total site security from the perimeter fence line (single or multi-site) and remote buildings, camp facilities and equipment, mine sites, through to accommodation and corporate offices
WHEN? 24/7 information for cardholder and alarms management

Gallagher’s platform for integration resides on your site’s network providing a holistic view of access events and allowing you to govern personnel flow throughout your facilities from head office to pit to port. The Gallagher system enables you to track and determine who can go where and when throughout your site as all employees, contractors and visitors badge their programmable access cards at access control readers.

- Cardholder movement can be tracked and controlled at doors, boom gates, vehicles – anywhere a reader is mounted.
- The Universal Card Format tool means Gallagher readers can read a range of third party access control cards - a notable practicality and cost saving for a mining site with existing ID cards.
- Mifare Smartcards have multiple applications beyond access control.

Gallagher Mining Solutions

Driving Productivity through Identity Analytics

Gallagher specialises in harnessing the power of real, operational business convergence through Identity Analytics. Identity Analytics automates compliance with operational and regulatory policy ensuring people are competent, safe and accountable as they move around on site. It provides a high degree of control and certainty by ensuring the right people (who are inducted, trained, licensed and competent and therefore compliant with regulations) with the right assets (e.g. vehicles or safety equipment), are in the right place at the right time, and by alerting you to exceptions.

This greatly mitigates the risk of accidents, partial or full site shutdown, and corporate liability. It can also have a very positive effect on insurance premiums. Identity Analytics provides the ability to enforce business safety and security processes via truly intelligent access control decisions on distributed hardware ‘at the door’. Enforcement at the mercy of an online sever is now a thing of the past. Operating independent of your server, Identity Analytics functionality delivers uninterrupted operational continuity – even if your IT system goes down.

Gallagher Management Solutions

Visitor Management

Fully integrated Visitor Management within the Gallagher Command Centre means Visitor records are maintained within the system for reuse when required. Historical Visitor records provide an audit of all Visitor movements over time. Visitor Cards can be re-used over and over minimising the time required to enable Visitor site access and exit. Visitor Management is highly customisable to meet site specific requirements. It also enables implementation of effective evacuation processes for Visitors in the event of an emergency. Within Visitor Management different types of visitors can be granted different access based on their access requirements and have different information stored against their records.

Contractor Management

Contractor access can be granted and controlled based on the time/date they are supposed to be on-site. Automatic revocation of cards prevents unauthorized access after their contract has expired. Time on-site can be tracked for billing purposes and can be used to audit if contractors are on-site for maintenance or repairs as scheduled.

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