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Mosino One
The Platform

Mosino One Platform offers an integrated combinations of technology for different markets including multi family and condominium buildings, student housing, retirement homes, hospitals, as well as the commercial and industrial sectors.

Mosino serves as an Operating System (OS), as an interface between the platform and customers for properties It offers a perfect blend of digital concierge services as well as smart home technologies. Each component simplifies and enhances the experience of residents, management, staff and visitors.

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Mosino Operating System

Mosino Operating System

The Markets

Mosino One - Multifamily

Smart Platform
As technology progresses and provides more options and solutions, builders and property managers are looking towards property technology for assistance. Mosino offers exactly that through its Smart Platform.

Mosino One - Healthcare

All-in-one bedside solution
From a large touchscreen monitor that's optimized for seamless experience, to mobile games and apps, the Mosino Bedside terminal also provides quick access to patient information for doctors and staff.

Mosino One - Retirement Houses

Hospitality and healthcare services
Mosino's solution for retirement homes supports a mixture of hospitality and healthcare services. The platform provides tools for residents and their family members to manage and track their residential experience.

Mosino One - Hospitality

Intelligent Automation
Our platform dispatches customer's requests to the appropriate staff teams. From room service to housekeeping requests and issue notifications, needs can be taken care of directly without having to route through the front desk.

Mosino One - Summer Camps

Mosino One - Student Housings

Mosino One - Country Clubs

Mosino One - Commercial

Mosino One
Smart Communities

Mosino includes various digital concierge services that provide value, improve efficiency and create customer engagement.

Properties can use the Mosino One application or get a branded version to add their own footprint or to add their personal touch for single to multi building properties. The companies can be up and running in less than a day.

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Mosino Entry System
Mosino One
Cloud Entry Systems

The system can be adapted to your needs by providing more communication options, like Audio & Video Calls, Resident Cards, Facial Recognition, Messages, Real time Sync, Visitor Pass Management, Various sizes: 10”, 12”, 22”, 32” and 42”, Pedestal, flushed and wall mount options, Outdoor and indoor models, Delivery Management Integration, and more. Here are a few examples.

Mosino Smart Entry System

42″ Standing Entry System

Mosino Parcel & Delivery Management

32″ Standing Entry System

Mosino Parcel & Delivery Management

22″ Standing Entry System

Mosino Resident ENngement App

12″ Standing Entry System

Mosino Smart Entry System

32″ Pedestal Entry System

Mosino Parcel & Delivery Management

32″ Wall-Mounted Entry System

Mosino Resident ENngement App

22″ Wall-Mounted Entry System

Mosino Parcel & Delivery Management

12″ Pedestal Entry System

Mosino Video Calling

Digital Signage


The Mosino Digital Signage module provides hotels with a smart, efficient and secure way to broadcast all types of messaging onto any available screen. With a simple drag-and-drop, you can create playlists, assign them to selected screens and target your customers, groups or conference attendees exactly where they are.

Mosino Digital Signage



A TAILORED INTERACTIVE TV EXPERIENCE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. Mosino offers an interactive and modern TV solution tailored to your property and existing assets. You can create the ultimate smart TV experience without needing to upgrade your devices and delight your customers with great entertainment.

Mosino TV



CONNECTING SMART AND NON-SMART OBJECTS TO THE CLOUD THROUGH ONE PLATFORM. With the fast-paced evolution of technology, IoT plays a major role in creating and delivering the next-generation experience for hotels, hospitals, smart condos and retirement homes. The challenge lies with integrating and interconnecting all existing and upcoming IoT objects with minimal effort and maximum reliability. Mosino provides the necessary fabric to connect these objects and builds a seamless, simplified experience that encapsulates them all.

Mosino IoT

Digital Concierge


PROVIDING A SEAMLESS AND INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR HAPPIER CUSTOMERS. The Mosino Digital Concierge module offers dozens of services to meet all of your customers' needs with the added benefits of real-time tracking and notifications. All requests get dispatched right away to the appropriate staff team, and the administrator has full visibility on requests, responses and issues. Department heads can use the module's no-sweat analytics to measure their team's efficiency, whether they want to see how long it takes for the room service to be delivered, a TV to be fixed or a valet car to arrive.

Mosino Digital Concierge



Mosino's mobile applications provide a real-time communication channel between your property's staff and your customers. Customers can access all services through their own mobile devices, and the cloud option ensures all information is synchronized across all devices.

Mosino Mobile Application



SIMPLIFIED AND INTEGRATED BOOKINGS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Mosino provides an all-inclusive reservation engine for hotels and their customers. It provides customers with a simple and efficient way to make all types of bookings and keep track of everything. No more printing papers and sliding them under doors—customers have all the info at their fingertips.

Mosino Video Calling
Hotels, Resorts & Clubs

Mosino's Hospitality platform dispatches all customer requests to the appropriate staff teams and keeps the guests in the loop. From room service to housekeeping requests and issue notifications, needs can be taken care of directly without having to route through the front desk. This feature, along with status updates and real-time notifications, leads to fewer calls to the front desk and more attentive customer service.

The platform allows hotel managers to examine and understand customer behaviour using easy analytics and to drive ongoing improvement of customer service.

All-in-One Platform

Unique integration of Intelligent Automation

Mosino One acts as a digital hub that connects all technologies for hotel management and services. It allows guests to benefit from modern amenities through intuitive interactions with staff to increase guest satisfaction while cost-effectively simplifies maintenance.

  • Multi-lingual
  • Smart Locks
  • IoT Integrations
  • Real-time Support Chat with audio/ video option
  • Issue Request Management
  • Conference Room/ Common Area Bookings
  • Event Calendar
  • Coupons
  • Food and Beverage Reservation and Ordering
  • POS System
  • Directory
  • Guest Feedback Option
  • And More

Property Management

Complete Management from a Central Hub

The module allows property operators to keep track of all customers, their requests, reminders, and important notices as well as better on-boarding experience for new customers. One central hub allows all staff members to better attend to customers' requests with complete control over every aspect of the system. Amenity and other type of payments with-in the app makes the automatic collection easier and efficient. Integrated with many industry-standard Property Management Systems such as Opera, Maestro and many more.

Mosino Property Management

Mosino Property Management


Bilateral Communication between Guests and Hotel Staff

Bilateral communication between guests and hotel staff is crucial for the success of any hotel and guest experience. In-App chat allows a real-time communication with any departments within the app. Guests can receive automatic or direct messages with their devices.


Automatic Service Order Creation

Housekeeping module allows automatic service order creation while considering any business rules. Customers can make requests from the application or Interactive television.

Mosino Property Management

Mosino Property Management

Guest Service Requests

Real-time Services for customers

Mosino One Platform includes various digital concierge services that provide value, improve efficiency and create customer engagements. Each component allows customers to request and reserve room services through the application. Automatic access is granted to each room if the customers opts in, which removes the need to manage access for customers. Customer feedback option also allows managers to measure satisfaction.

Managers can see in real-time the analytics that ensure all operations are running smoothly.

Interactive Television

User-friendly TV Experience

A modern TV experience delivered via simple technology connected to the all the property amenities. It delivers popular services customers are already familiar with.

Mosino Property Management

Mosino Property Management

Conference Room & Common Area Booking

Room Reservation Service to Accommodate Guests

Booking engine allows customers to book various rooms/areas for different activities. Activities that can be hosted by the guests or 3rd party companies offering classes.

Each booking that requires payment can be made directly from the application itself. If electric doors are connected to each room/area, automatic keys can be generated for each reservation. The keys are removed once the reservation is completed.

Food & Beverage

Restaurant Reservation & Room Service

Mosino One Platform facilitates a complete restaurant reservation and room service with digital menu management and kitchen display systems for food ordering. Guests are able to discover local cuisines without walking out. Various options are provided according to individual preferences.

Mosino Property Management

Mosino Property Management


Different Payment Solutions

Customers can track and manage all purchases using Mosino One POS system. This module accepts different payments to take mobile orders and many more.

Mobile Check-In

Digital Key Services

Mosino One simplifies the check-in process by automatically creating mobile keys to ensure the room is ready. Keys are automatically removed when the guests leave the room. Add consent forms, electronic signatures to complete the experience

Mosino Property Management

Mosino Property Management

Smart Thermostats, Sensors, Smart Lights

Leading a Green Lifestyle

Mosino One has merged different options into a large ecosystem to lead a green lifestyle. Choosing from great climate control systems to smart lights and many more sensors, we facilitate energy savings.

Mosino One integrates enhancements on the promises such as configuring vacant rooms to automatically set the temperature and smart notifications to avoid any energy waste. Water, noise, pets and other sensors are taken into use to fully automate hotels for energy efficiency and security.

In-Suite Tablets

On-Wall and Table-Top Models

The tablet options include Ethernet, WIFI or 4G, ensuring great connectivity. 12-inch screen size allows a better customer experience. A wall-mounted stand allows a great mobility of the device. Customers can pick up the device and use it anywhere inside the suite . All digital concierge services are available directly from the device with a better bi-directional communication.

Mosino Property Management

Mosino Property Management

Digital Signage

Combination of information and contents

Signage platform allows the hotels to ensure the notifications are streamlined for all guests and staff via a single console. There are various types of content sent to different screens, form factors and sizes. Content approval ensures hotel guidelines are followed before it appears in public.


Simplify Navigation

Every hotel needs to improve navigation. Fortunately, all the components exist to provide Wayfinding service. Guests can be directed from their location to the destinations. Mosino One also opens doors to new experiences: Contextual information/ Advertising, Direct Communication, and many more.

Mosino Property Management

Mosino Property Management


Provide Virtual Receptions

Kiosks are designed with different forms with an integration of functionalities.The 42-inch diagonal model provides a great experience while provide privacy to guests. The 32-Inch and 42-inch vertical models stand tall and provide the same great experience as other models. The installation is as simple as it is with all other models. Integrated camera provides bar code scanning as well as video calling option.

Guests are able to use the Express Check-in and Check-out option. Food Ordering, Audio/ Video Calls, Hotel Information, Mapping, and many more services can be realized through Kiosks.

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