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Axis network audio systems are complete high-quality audio systems you can use in various situations: Improve security on your premises with event-triggered announcements and direct callouts. Make live or scheduled announcements in different zones, at the right time and right place. Create ambiance with easy and flexible scheduling of great-sounding background music. All while enjoying the many benefits of a network audio system.


Network audio systems are intelligent devices, just like IP video cameras, and offer many of the same types of benefits. Audio networking allows you to transport very large amounts of data over a single network cable. The bandwidth for modern networking transport protocols is enough to carry hundreds of audio channels without the compression once necessary to do so. This means that audio can be moved quickly over long distances without signal degradation or the expense of conventional analog cabling. The flexibility demanded by data network protocols also opens up possibilities for audio system configuration that were once impossible. Because networked audio is digital, electromagnetic interference and cable capacitance that can degrade audio signal quality in the analog domain are no longer problematic.

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Ready to upgrade your old Analog system?

Knowing whether to replace an old analog system can be difficult, especially if you have invested a lot in the equipment. Things are further complicated by the fact that it is now possible to combine existing analog systems with new technology so they can perform the functionality of network audio devices.

So, before you rip and replace your old system and invest in a new commercial audio system, you need to look at the differences, pros and cons of analog and network audio – and how you can decide which is the best solution for you.

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for Network Audio

Network audio systems are intelligent devices, just like IP video cameras, and offer many of the same types of benefits.

Rise above the noise:
How network audio elevates security
and business solutions

audio security


Stop unwanted activity in its tracks

A network audio system is the perfect addition to a video based security installation. Perimeter protection is a great example of this. Imagine if a potential intruder climbs a fence. The camera alerts a security guard to give a warning to the intruder using the audio system, "We can see you, you’re trespassing." More often than not this type of warning is sufficient, preventing the need for additional security measures.

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Public Address

Broadcast to single or multiple zones.

A network audio system answers the need for different kinds of informative messages and updates in environments like schools, retail stores, hotels and public buildings. For example, you can use your network audio system to make live announcements calling someone to a specific area (such as a colleague to the clothing department). To make scheduled announcements (about the start of the school day, for instance). Or to issue live or triggered announcements during an emergency.

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audio paging
store music

Background music

Play music where you want to

Our network audio systems let you manage your music, delivering it via Axis speakers to your customers at the right volume and at the time and place of your choice. You can, of course, also use our audio systems to deliver live or pre-recorded voice announcements whenever appropriate. Our current music-provider partners already offer you a wide choice of music content to suit the needs of your business and your brand.

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