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Intelligent Article Surveillance

Nedap works around the globe to deliver industry-leading products, services and solutions for customers’ diverse needs in loss prevention, stock management and store monitoring. Nedap can make your stores more sustainable, a safer place and more profitable. With their help, we can enable our clients to improve the performance of every store they operate. Nedap systems are helping global retailers to eradicate lost sales, and giving them the real-time information they need. Everything we do is driven by our passion to help retailers to perform better. We are committed to increasing your revenue by helping you to:

• Permanently reduce shrinkage in your store
• Optimize your stock levels
• Increase your conversion rate
• Simplify your (multi-store) retail management

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Intelligent Article Surveillance

About Nedap !Sense

Efficiency is crucial. It’s what makes your store profitable. Therefore, your in-store security system also needs to be efficient. You want to continuously lower your shrinkage, know what is going on in your store and fully benefit from the security solutions in place. But when your customers buy groceries in your store, they should enjoy your products on open display without being affected by security measures. That’s where !Sense comes in. !Sense gives new tools to store managers to effectively prevent theft, gain insight into the system performance and increase the efficiency of the in-store security network.

This, combined with the highest system uptime and the lowest energy consumption in the market, makes !Sense the world’s most advanced Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system for supermarket profit protection with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Nedap iSense Lumen 33 Plexiglass Antenna
Loss Prevention


Loss prevention with RFID technology
Other than barcodes with generic information, RFID tags contain a unique serial number, which makes it possible to identify whether an individual product has been sold or not. Whenever an unsold item leaves the store, the RFID antenna at the store exit will give an alarm. We call these systems EAS !D, which consist of floor- or ceiling-mounted EAS antennas at the store exit and matching RFID tags or labels attached to the products that are simply deactivated or removed at the cash register. EAS !D gives you more features and adds new products to the portfolio, including a hybrid RF/RFID pedestal and a ceiling-mounted RFID antenna.

Future-proof RF to RFID upgrade path
If you are planning to use RFID for inventory management in the future, investing in standard 8.2Mhz RF technology does not make much sense. In this case, it is smarter to invest in Nedap RF EAS systems, which are easily upgradable to RFID when you are ready. The future-proof RF to RFID upgrade path enables you to use RF today and be RFID-ready for tomorrow. After the upgrade, you can either use hybrid RF/RFID technology or only RFID technology for loss prevention purposes.

RFID tagging assigns a unique, store-related identity to each individual item. This prevents false alarms when tagged merchandise from other retailers enters your store. When you are ready for this next step, you can program hard tags to contain information such as garment name, size and color. This tells you exactly which items are hot sellers. Information is collected real-time and available wherever you are. Whenever you are ready, you can use the same RFID labels for in-store stock management purposes on the sales floor and in the stock room.

Goodbye Shrinkage

The role of article surveillance antennas, at the entrance of a store, is changing. From a traditional EAS system that alarms on active tags leaving the store to an intelligent article surveillance system that is capable to recognize items, detect the direction of the item and alarm on multiple scenarios.

Nedap !D Top
Nedap RFID Reader

Nedap !D Top

Ceiling-mounted integrated RFID reader

• For esthetical and well designed EAS; can even be mounted above false ceilings
• State-of-the-art reader and antenna design, ensuring optimal read performance
• Advanced Tag Filtering only reads what needs to be read, and ignores stray tags
• Simple to install and easy to configure; web-based remote monitoring and management
• Automatically chooses optimal RFID reading parameters, based on the system role
• Standard light and audio signalisation present
• Open API available for integration by system integrators and/or retailers
• Available in Europe, US & Canada, Asia, Middle East

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Fashionable handheld RFID reader

Nedap !D Hand 2

The !D Hand 2 is a fashionable, lightweight RFID handheld reader with one button operation, is the perfect starting point to raise your in-store stock accuracy through frequent counts. Taking inventory fast, often and accurately enables you to gain an understanding of your actual stock. Any empty shelves can be replenished and any causes of stock differences, through losses or administrative errors, can be identified and dealt with more quickly.

With a handheld reader solution, your investment costs are limited, because all you need is an RFID handheld reader, RFID labels on your merchandise and a mobile device to run the !D Cloud App. !D Cloud is hardware-agnostic and off-the-shelf available with the Nedap !D Hand and a range of other leading RFID handheld readers from Zebra, Bluebird and TSL.

The !D Hand is ideally used for:

• Goods receiving and shipping
• Stock takes (stock room / sales floor)
• Programming RFID labels

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Nedap !D Hand Reader
Nedap Source Tagging
Loss Prevention

Nedap Source Tagging

Source tagging is adding a label or hard tag in the manufacturing or packaging process of your merchandise. On the shop floor, this is labor intensive and not always reliable. Pushing it backwards in your supply chain saves costs and time, because your merchandise arrives at your store shelf ready. Any RF EAS and RFID antenna works best with high-quality hard tags and labels. Therefore, Nedap sets high standards and tests 100% of the labels we sell. When you are ready, Nedap can advise on integrating source tagging of RF or RFID labels and hard tags into your supply chain. This gives your high risk products the best protection and increases in-store efficiency as the products are already labeled and shelf-ready when they arrive at your store. Nedap offers a complete portfolio of RF and RFID labels and hard tags to optimally protect your clothing, shoes, bags and other fashion items.

Why retailers choose source tagging?
• Goods arrive ready to sell.
• Staff has more time to sell.
• Tagging products is no longer an ‘if we have time’ task.
• The tag can be built into the product – discreet and tamper-proof

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Nedap Tags & Labels

Nedap Tags & Labels

iMotion offers a wide range of Nedap labels and tags to offer the best protection for all your food and non-food products. Let us know if you have special demands: we can deliver custom-made tags for you, designed and produced to your specifications.

The portfolio includes:
• Paper labels • Freezer labels • iFast labels (non-reactivateble) • Mascara labels • Bottle caps • Safers • Hard tags • Lanyards

In practice, this is how source tagging works:
• Your buying team requests suppliers to add an EAS or RFID label or tag to the merchandise.
• Tagged merchandise goes through your supply chain to the selling floor.
• During a regular sale, the tag is detached or the label is deactivated.
• Our quality control ensures tags and labels are working from source to store.
• At the store, you receive data on the quality of used labels and tagging rates.
• And of course, active tags or labels trigger the alarm when leaving the store.

Nedap !D Hand Reader

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