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Today there is an immense influx of videos and images due to the prevalence of CCTV streams, smartphones and more. Augmented Vision can survey areas of interest in real-time. It can be used to prevent security incidents in highly frequented public or private spaces but also to ensure frictionless access to restricted areas for authorized personnel, while protecting citizens’ privacy with the highest level of data protection.

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Idemia Augmented Vision™

Video analytics for sensitive places

Protecting areas of interest and streamlining access with Augmented Vision

Augmented Vision analyzes hours and days of video streams and thousands of photos to help find subjects and objects of interest in post-event investigations. Idemia Augmented Vision is designed to make sense of all available video and image data, allowing operators to quickly create leads to solve crimes.

It can be used to prevent security incidents in highly frequented public or private spaces, but also to ensure frictionless access to restricted areas.

Thanks to its powerful algorithms, it can also interpret and tag hours and days of CCTV streams and thousands of photos to help find subjects and objects of interest in post-event investigations. This powerful video analytics solution can be set up for three main applications:

• Boost the efficiency of operators to find leads in a faster and more automated way,
• Provide actionable intelligence and help monitor video flow and alerts security staff on the appearance of persons of interest,
• Allow secure and frictionless access to authorized personnel: by detecting and identifying multiple persons approaching an access point, it brings a powerful layer on top of existing video and access control systems.

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Idemia Augmented Vision

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Idemia Augmented Vision

Boosts results, saves time
and increases security

Easy to implement

This video analytics solution uses everyday off-the-shelf hardware, including IP cameras, networks, servers, and where possible, existing infrastructure.
Easy to integrate

Using Open API standards, solution providers can easily integrate Augmented Vision with other systems that manage CCTV videos, customer relationships and security, including access control.
Save time

Augmented Vision automatically extracts videos and images and classifies the content, turning it into searchable actionable intelligence.
500 hours
of video footage with half a million faces analyzed in almost a day, on a small workstation
Idemia Augmented Vision
Idemia Augmented Vision™

Solve a case faster

With Augmented Vision, you do not have to spend endless hours watching video footage or looking at images. This cutting-edge tool identifies normal background noise in a scene and detects, extracts and classifies pedestrians, faces, vehicles and license plates, identifying potential clues faster and more effectively. As a result, you maximize resources to obtain actionable intelligence faster.

Allocate your resources better

Previously, it would have taken multiple people and weeks of work to view 500 hours of video footage to study half a million faces. Augmented Vision can complete this in almost a day on a small workstation system with one single officer.

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Idemia Augmented Vision

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Idemia Augmented Vision™


Example of uses case covered by Augmented Vision. Our goal is to keep the world as safe and secure as possible.

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Post-event video analytics

IDEMIA’s video analytics tools and algorithms help investigators find and qualify information from video sources faster using automated technology
Idemia Live video analytics

This solution monitors security cameras and alerts staff if necessary. The identification of persons of interest is based on biometric and non-biometric attributes.
Facial recognition for access control

The solution identifies end-users via a standard IP camera. The identification result is pushed to the access control software to authorize access.
Video analysis at the point of capture

This video processing solution is built on the world’s leading embedded Artificial Intelligence Edge computing platform.

Idemia Augmented Vision™

Key Features

Top ranked across multiple biometrics by the NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

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Why is Idemia
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With over 40 years’ experience and more than five billion biometric records managed worldwide, IDEMIA is the undisputed leader in biometric security systems. Our algorithms – consistently top-ranked by NIST – and sensor technologies, combined with our end-product design and manufacturing expertise, make us the partner of choice for the most prestigious organizations. We create off-the-shelf and tailor-made solutions to meet the complex and everchanging demands of our customers. We collaborate with the world’s leading law enforcement agencies and provide the most advanced tools and guidance available on the market. We supply companies around the globe with secure access control using biometric technology as well as solutions to facilitate their day-to-day activities, bringing more security and peace of mind.

We develop products and solutions in accordance with the Privacy-by-Design and Privacy-by-Default principles. We are strongly committed to helping protect and secure citizens’ privacy with the highest possible level of data protection for identity verification and authentication technologies.

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